CHC Update 6/20

Greetings friends!

White Meeting report back
Thanks to Vera Bonnet and Dan Budris or joining CHC’s meeting with Senator White.  We had a cordial meeting for about 45 minutes along with Dana Henry, Byon Staffer, and White’s chief of staff. There were no surprises at this meeting, we stressed that what we were looking for was quite reasonable, and asked for his support. He said he’s spent his career defending industry, so needs to find a balance, but would support what the commissioners want to do. We asked him to oppose SB1100, he said it would not likely end up in the final package.  A more thorough report back is attached.
Next Steps – stay focused, stay active!
Our local electeds may be hoping that if enough time passes, we’ll just go away, and they’ll be able to deal with this quietly.  It’s important that this doesn’t happen. We know that without the efforts of the CHC, we’d likely have a drilling rig not just in the CZ, but inside the state park too.  We know that according to the industry, this just isn’t that big of a deal.
Please remember, we are on the forefront of this industry, and need to maintain our ground.  A recent Penn State study estimated 50 percent of PA’s landmass will be fracked in the coming years.  
If you haven’t already, sign the petition today online.  Call your Reps, your Senators, and our commissioners.  Talk to them and your neighbors about fracking when you see them.  Stay tuned for info about a CHC meeting with Rep. Pyle.
The Ordinance!
Thanks to the help from PennFuture’s legal team, we will soon have amended language for the Conservation Zones to present to the commissioners.  Stay tuned for more info about how CHC can make the biggest delievery.

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