CHC attends Indiana County Natural Gas Task Force

CHC and the Indiana County Natural Gas Task Force
I attended the second Indiana Natural Gas Task Force meeting on Thursday representing the Coalition for a Healthy County.

Commissioner Ruddock opened the meeting by reporting that the commissioners had formally requested the county planning committee to make recommendations for rewrites of the zoning ordinance for the Conservation Zones.

Craig Neal from CNX (Consul Energy) was the keynote speaker, who’s presentation focused on their horizontal wells drilled around Beaver Run Reservoir.  (An ariel photo is available here)  The reservoir supplies drinking water to over 100,000 people in West Mooreland County.  He described their operation as a mobile industrial complex, it moves from site to site around the reservoir.  I was impressed with his description of the reinforcements of the containment pits. He said that the containment pits are what worries him the most. He also reported that they currently recycle 100% of their waste water moving the 15% flowback for the next frack job.   

Commissioner Ruddock asked Neal if they would have been able to have the same operation at that site if there was a hypothetical buffer zone, or conservation zone surrounding the reservoir, and Neal said no.  Susan Wheatly from the Yellow Creek Conservation Association and CHC noted that in a satellite photo with CNX’s current and planned fracking locations and drill lines, there did not seem to be many residences that are likely to be directly affected by the mobile industrial complex. 

The work of the task force will be done in subcommittees (modeled off of the state MS Advisory Commission); people self selected a subcommittee at the end of the meeting.   ** indicates CHC member is on that subcommittee
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Health, Safety and Environmental Protection **
  • Local Impact & Emergency Response
  • Economic & Workforce Development
  • Education and Training
  • Planning and Zoning **
  • Public Policy and Legal Issues. **
The next meeting is July 27.

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