CHC Update – Action Alert – say no to Drill Baby Drill!

Greetings friends,
I hope everyone is looking forward to a great 4th of July Weekend!
CHC Ordinance
The legal team at PennFuture have provided CHC with a draft version of an amendment to the ordinance governing the Conservation Zones. The amendment is meant to preserve the intent of the conservation zones, and so it removes surface coal mining (i.e. strip mining), gas and oil drilling, and light industrial from the Special Exemption list, and adds these activities to the Prohibited list of the ordinance.
We are finalizing the language as we speak, but could use some help. If you are involved with Friends of the Park, please let me know ASAP, we need some info. I’ll circulate the final draft soon, let me know if you’d like to see it now.
This is great news, and great timing – the County Planning Commission will meet for the first time on this issue on July 14 @ 7:30, CHC will be at that meeting with our ordinance.
ACTION ALERT – Schuster and Critz Cry “Drill Baby Drill!”
Representatives Critz and Schuster have just sent a “Drill Baby Drill” letter to President Obama encouraging him to expedite natural gas production for national security reasons, suggesting that we’ve been fracking for decades, that there’s never been a problem with fracking, and that the industry is already sufficiently regulated.
Do you disagree?  Then call them!
Rep Schuster, 

827 Water Street #3
Indiana, PA 15701

Rep. Critz
647 Main St. Suite 401
Johnstown, PA  15901
Phone: (814) 535-2642
Toll Free: 1-800-289-2642
Fax: (814) 539-6229
Let them know that they’ve been duped by industry fallacy, and they should wake up and support Pennsylvanians who want to make sure our state gets this right the first time.  Ask them to co-sponsor the FRAC act, HB 2766, which will close the so-called “haliburton loophole


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