CHC Update – EQT to drill CZ – Take Action!

EQT Productions Files New Application for Drilling in Conservation Zone
The Brush Valley Township has received notification of EQT Productions application to DEP for permits to construct a horizontal Marcellus Shale rig across approximately 60 acres off of Stewart Run, inside the Yellow Creek Conservation Zone. Attached is the “Act 14” letter that Brush Valley Supervisors received from a Texas based management company on behalf EQT Productions, the letter briefly details the project to include a well pad, drill pits, an access road, and two reserve pits.  As of today, we’ve been unable to find a copy of the map, however, according to today’s article in the Gazette, township supervisors confirm it is in the Conservation Zone.
Obviously, this new application creates additional urgency for the county to swiftly move through the process of amending the ordinance. Call the county commissioners this week, and
  • Tell them that further industrial activities in conservation zones, particularly deep fracking, runs contrary to the intent of those areas.
  • Tell them if you’re concerned that other companies will be rushing to file applications to drill in our natural areas before the planning commission has time to complete it’s work in October.
  • ask them to delay consideration of any applications to drill in the Conservation Zones until the planning commission has completed it’s recommendations.
Here’s their number:  (724) 465-3805
Steering Committee Meeting RESCHEDULED
stay tuned for the new time and date

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