CHC Update – Planning Commission meeting tomorrow!

There’s an important meeting this Wednesday that lots of people are expected to show up to. CHC needs to be there, please come!

County Planning Commission Meeting Wednesday 7/13, 7:30pm Indiana Courthouse Annex, first floor This is a public meeting with time available for public comment. CHC will be presenting our ordinance to the planning commission. Having a crowd in favour of our ordinance restricting fracking from the Conservation Zone will have a large impact. Each speaker will have 5 minutes. If you’d like to preview our ordinance, just ask, I’m happy to send it to you directly.

Yellow Creek Oil and Gas Permit Map Below is a map of gas and oil permits issued by DEP in Yellow Creek State Park vicinity between from 2005 – May 2011.

As shown on the map, all but one of these permits are for shallow gas drills. On some of the sites, you’ll find more than one permit – this includes renewals. This map is slightly larger than the Conservation Zones, but so far we’re unable to find digital coordinates of the CZ. The area where EQT is planning to drill is in the cluster of wells near the south west end of the lake.

If approved by the county, EQT Productions and MDS’s proposed two well sites would more than double the acreage involved in gas drilling in the Conservation Zone.


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