CHC Update: Gov. Corbett, do you smell gas at your privatized state park?

Coalition for a Healthy County goes to the Indiana County Fair 
Want to see more people involved with CHC? Then ask them 🙂  CHC will have a booth along with the Sierra Club at the Indiana County Fair from Aug. 28 – Sept. 3.
We need CHC volunteers to help staff the booth, to let people know what’s happening around fracking in Indiana County, and how people can get involved. We’ll have background information to fair-goers, an opportunity to take an action right then and there, and also a kids fishing game to help educate folks on our natural areas.
Let me know asap if you want to be a part of CHC’s first county fair!
Still need researchers for MDS take 2
In a turn of events that I am still trying to understand, the zoning hearing board wants to know if MDS’s many violations over the past couple years are really bad, or just kind of bad.  It’s strange that the state government’s record of violations aren’t enough for the county government, but the upshot is that we need to crunch some data. Please let me know if you’ve got some time to help!

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