CHC Update: Upcoming events

Important upcoming events for CHC:
Indiana County Fair
Aug. 28 – Sept. 3, 4pm-9pm
Have you heard about the Invasion of the Global Giants?  Let me know asap of when you’re available.
Planning Commission Meeting
Wednesday, Aug. 24, 7:30pm
300 Indian Springs Road
Indiana, PA 15701

This is the third work session of the county planning commission in their task of rewriting the ordinance governing the county conservation zones.  On the agenda will be the Farm Bureau, Ken Bisbee from DCNR, Suzanne Seppi from the organization GASP, and a statement from the legal team at PennFuture. This is an important meeting to show support for CHC’s ordinance to exclude fracking in the conservation zone.

Task Force Meeting
Thursday, Aug. 25 3:30-5:30
Kovalcheck Center
Agenda? Minutes from last meeting? Anyone? Anyone? Unless the Task Force ends up with a comprehensive list of recommendations for dealing with fracking in Indiana County, then it’s been a waste of time.  Do you agree? Tell the person you know on the Task Force to make that suggestion to the commissioners this week.  There are lots of good lists for best practices out there to choose from – here’s some from: PA DEPNY DEPDepartment of Energy, and PennEnvironment.

EPA Hearing in Pittsburgh 
Tuesday, Sept. 27 
Our state partners have asked CHC to be a part of the public hearings on a bank of very good recommendations from the EPA dealing with air pollution. This Sierra Club press release outlines the importance of these recommendations – here’s an excerpt: 
  • The proposed rules would generate a net savings of $30 million annually due to increased recovery of methane, otherwise known as natural gas.
  • The proposed rules would reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by 540,000 tons, an industry-wide reduction of 25%.  VOCs react with sunlight to form ground-level ozone, the key ingredient of smog and contain other toxic compounds.
  • The proposed rules would reduce methane emissions by 3.4 million tons, which is equal to 65 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, a reduction of about 26%.   This will be like eliminating the carbon dioxide emissions of 15 coal-fired power plants.
  • The proposed rules would reduce toxic air pollutants, such as benzene, a known carcinogen, by 38,000 tons, a 30% reduction.
If there is enough interest, we can organize a bus or van to carpool to the hearing. We can help deliver testimony at the hearing, or simply be participants. The EPA is only holding 3 public hearings on these rules across the Country, and we already know that the industry doesn’t like them, so it will be important that there are many Pennsylvania supporters.

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