The Fracking News – A shot of CleanStim with a GammaFrac chaser

Yellow Creek Conservation Association member Lee Schweitzer lays out the basic problem of an 11 foot wide truck loaded with toxic flowback fluid passing a 7 foot wide car along a 15 foot wide road, in another letter to the editor.
A national columnist gives a perspective on the DOE’s recommendations for drilling – pointing out that the industry needs to do a better job of telling people the truth.
A few recent reports highlighting the effect of Marcellus development so far, the first is a report from Susquehanna and Tioga counties, which found that so far, deep shale fracking hasn’t really paid off in real dollars for these counties . The seconds is a powerpoint report from a hospital in  Bradford County which has seen an increase in injuries and illnesses due to contact with frack fluid.
Don’t tell Haliburton CEO Dave Lesar about any frack fluid injuries, he just had one of his underlings take a swig of frack fluid to try to prove it’s not harmful. A spokesperson later confirmed that they do not consider their patented CleanStim to be edible. But it does raise the question, who would he ask to drink the toxic flowback fluid?
Don’t tell the folks in West Texas that you can drink frack fluid – it may be a better alternative to what they’re proposing to drink since water tables are so low. Guess what industry in West Texas uses a lot of fresh water?
Don’t tell the Susquehanna River Basin Commission about fracking draining the waters of the Commonwealth, they’ve already suspended water permits for 40 companies because of low water levels.
Don’t tell the industry about restrictions to water, as usual, they’re doing just fine.
Don’t tell Daryl Smitsky from Hickory, PA about anyone doing fine. After 17 Marcellus wells sprung up around his home, his water and his farm were ruined.
South Africa’s mining minister has extended it’s moratorium on drilling, saying that until they get all the information, they won’t risk the environment. What a great idea!

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