CHC Update – County Fair launched!

The Indiana County Fair has arrived!  CHC and the Sierra Club have a booth inside the Exhibition building, nearby our friends at the League of Women Voters.  We’re here all week! Come say hi!
EPA Hearing Announced – Sept. 27
The Environmental Protection Agency needs to hear from you!  The EPA has proposed rules that will limit toxic releases into Pennsylvania’s airshed from deep shale fracking. They’re great recommendations, and every one of CHC’s coalition members supports them strongly. They’re holding only three hearings to receive comments, one is in Pittsburgh on Sept. 27. We need as many people there to show the EPA that we appreciate common sense regulations.  Let me know if you’d like to go, we can arrange transportation.  Check the Sierra Club for more info:
Report back on meetings
Planning Commission:  Suzanne Seppi from GASP gave a compelling presentation on the potential hazards of air pollution from fracking to the Indiana County Planning Commission. Her presentation was balanced, and covered potential air quality hazards, including NOx, VOCs, and Methane. There were very few questions – the most relevant feedback was the question from Tom Rivosseccy about what could the planning commission actually do to help prevent these hazards in the conservation zone.  Mrs. Seppi suggested GASP’s legal team may be able to offer an opinion.
Task Force:  John Hangar was the special guest at last week’s task force meeting.  In his presentation he identified a number of potential hazards, including air pollution and methane migration; he also stressed the need for strong regulation.  There was no time for any real work to be done; at least on sub-committee of the Task Force is planning to meet again before the next meeting.

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