The Fracking News – Dealing with Drill-O-Palooza

The Fracking News
If you thought the Indiana School District had internal issues, at least they’re not bubbling methane into eachother’s wells.
The Post Gazette’s pipeline sheds some light on the recent conflicting reports about how much gas is available in the Marcellus shale. I tend to agree with John Hangar on this one, it’s most likely that there is a lot.
There’s fortunately no evidence that the earthquake last week was connected with fracking, and also, I haven’t read reports that the earthquake damaged any natural gas operations. However, the lightening is a different story.
There are a couple of compelling stories about the difficult choices that Pennsylvanians are having to make thanks to the Marcellus shale.  In the first, a long-time activist is forced to settle, and sell her house to Range Resources. In another, a family weighs trading natural gas profits for their family home. And here’s a great series of interviews about land owners dealing with landmen.
In these last several months I’ve had the pleasure of meeting folks from all over the state who have courage, vision, and seem right on to me. Peter Buckland is one of them; he’s got his own radio show, and he loves to bike.
And lastly – this is a must read. With so many in Pennsylvania advocating the Drill-O-Palooza, it’s good to see that someone sees the connections between the ridiculously optimistic claims of the current gas rush and previous big fossil fuel booms.  “Economies based on natural-resource exctraction have rarely proved healthy in the long run. Rather, again and again, they have exhibited a pattern of short-term boom followed by long-term bust.”

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