CHC Update – MDS decision scheduled


Thanks to everyone who helped out with the county fair. It was a resounding success in terms of outreach; CHC greatly expanded it’s presence in the county, collecting over 100 letters, and adding 50 local residents to our mailing list.  We had lots of CHC and Sierra Club volunteers from all over the county eager to work the booth, and all reported having some very good conversations with folks. Folks found that even if people had connections with either the coal or natural gas industry, they were willing to say that they had concerns, and were willing to sign on for clean air and responsible drilling.
A huge thank you to all the people who spent time this last week volunteering, Lee, Tom, Brian, Chris, Michelle, Pat, Ken, Dana, Maria, Matt, Bobbi, Dan, Randy. This only works with your help!
Onward and upwards!!
Important upcoming dates:
Friday, September 9th, 4:00pm
Courthouse Annex
The county Zoning Hearing Board will announce their ruling on MDS’s application to drill a Marcellus well inside the Yellow Creek Conservation Zone. For those just tuning in, this is the second application from MDS. The meeting is public, however, there is not likely to be time for public comment.

Any additional research or other public testimony should be submitted ASAP to George Urban at the planning office. Because of the “newness” of this industry, it is helpful to submit as much relevent testimony as possible.

Wednesday, Sept. 14th, 10:30PM
County courthouse
Commissioner’s Hearing Room, 2nd floor
Join us as we deliver the letters and updated petition that CHC has collected over the past several months to the commissioners. We’ll ask them to release for a bank of best practices for drilling county wide, and to protect sensitive areas like the conservation zones from drilling.

Saturday, Sept. 24 Time TBA
Join IUP’s ECO club for a ride around Indiana borough to celebrate clean air, clean living, and alternative transportation. Stay tuned for more details!!

Saturday, Sept. 24
Yellow Creek State Park
September Fest!!
CHC’s core partner, the Friends of Yellow Creek, will hold their second annual Septemberfest!! – including early morning yoga, a mountain bike race and 5k, sailboats, free canoe and kayak rentals, music, food, and more!! Don’t miss a great chance to celebrate one of our county’s treasures!! 

Tuesday, Sept. 27
EPA Hearings on new air quality standards
Pittsburgh, PA
These hearings are on important air quality standards that the EPA has proposed to restrict air pollution from the fracking industry. They’re asking for public comment from all residents of PA. Please let me know asap if you’d like to come, we’re arranging transportation.

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 7:30pm
County Planning Commission Meeting
300 Indian Springs Rd.
We’re looking for as many folks as possible who live in the CZs and surrounding areas to be at this meeting, and speak on behalf of residents in the affected area. This planning commission  needs to know that the people affected have spoken.


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