The Fracking News – A raw deal for health

The Fracking News
Twice in two days last month Indiana county officials were advised to seek a lawyer to help them protect the conservation zones. This is not the first time the county has indicated they need a lawyer – and several months ago the commissioners committed to providing resources for legal counsel.
CHC has provided the opinions of three top environmental lawyers – and yet no real action. It begs the question, is all this much ado about nothing? Are the commissioners serious about protecting the county? Or, are they just following the state’s playbook of inaction?
The state’s example is not good. In addition to slashing DEP’s budget, the Corbett administration is now withdrawing from several suits against air pollution, and is reorganizing DEP itself.
CHC hopes that our county commissioners can do a better job at balancing the health needs of Pennsylvanians, and the dollar needs of these fat cats.  There’s every reason to regulate strongly, and no reason to trust the industry’s contributions.

Speaking of fat cats – Exonn Mobile finally realized their dream to drill the artic; they’re trading drilling rights for fracking technology. Under the deal Russia has rights to gas in the U.S.  See Noam, corporations aren’t people, they’re nations.

In a not so confusing contradiction, Penn State’s new jobs report that was not funded by the industry found MS drilling has created about half the jobs that Penn State’s old industry funded jobs report found. So much for facts.

In more positive news, the Citizen Marcellus Shale Commission held their first in a series of public hearings last week. All public comments from the audience of about 100 in the 3 hour meeting expressed serious concern about drilling. This commission will be sending the summary to the governor. I’m predicting that this People’s Commission will likely confirm that Corbett is out of step with Pennsylvanians

The protest against the Keystone XL pipeline and the tar sands isn’t getting enough news. Read about it.  There are a ton of reasons why this is a terrible idea.  Experts have said that completing this project would mean “game-over” for fighting climate change.

This proposed project exposes the dirty secret behind politicians complaining about our addiction to foreign oil.  They’re not concerned about the oil part. We should be.

Albert Einstein said “thought without action is a crime.”  Thank you, Peter Roquemore.

Speaking of action – many of CHC’s partners will be involved in Shale Gas Outrage happening this week – stay tuned for reports.

And finally, tell me if this blows your mind.


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