CHC Update – Wed. 9/14 – Lets tell them what we think

Greetings friends,

We’re entering a new phase of the campaign. The MDS well at Yellow Creek has been approved, however, we’re expecting more. While the Zoning Hearing Board decided to stick it’s head in the sand before making their decision on this one, the county still has a chance to take the potential threats of deep shale fracking seriously.
Lets remind them.
Wednesday, 9/14 @ 10:30am
County Courthouse, Commissioners Hearing Room, 2nd floor
CHC needs as many folks as possible to come to the monthly public meeting of the county commissioners. We’ll deliver the nearly 300 signatures of residents asking the commissioners to keep fracking out of the conservation zones. So far, the county has depended almost entirely on CHC for expert testimony (of course except the experts on the industry payroll). It’s about time they step up their commitment. Lets ask them in person.
Wednesday, 9/14, and 9/28 @ 7:00pm
300 Indian Spring Road
Planning Commission meeting #4 & #5.  Anyone who lives in the conservation zone who doesn’t want deep shale drilling there should make their voice heard. Lets get as many residents to these next two planning commission meetings.
Tuesday, 9/27 
EPA Hearing
These hearings are on important air quality standards that the EPA has proposed to restrict air pollution from the fracking industry. They’re asking for public coment from all residents of PA, and our partners at the Sierra Club want to help us get there.  Please let me know asap if you’d like to come. We’re arranging transportation.

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