The Fracking News – Frack is Whack!

The Fracking News
The zoning hearing board approved MDS’s application to drill. You already know this. But did you know that MDS Energy is in the minority of gas drillers that each year have violations? In his quote, Mike Knapp says their violations were only waste washed around from a heavy rain. Here’s to hoping that there’s never rain at Yellow Creek.
The Indiana County Conservation District has been tasked with the job of ensuring MDS Energy follows the conditions of the Zoning Hearing Board. It’s unclear what kind of authority they’ll have, but we should definitely support their staff of three.
One way to support them is to join the Marcellus Citizen Stewardship Project. They teach citizens visual assessment methods to keep as many eyes on drilling as possible. Anyone want to be trained by these folks? (that link is to their entire online presentation, it’s a big file – but likely worth it).

Shale Gas Outrage was a huge success
 – with over 2000 people there to protest the equally large conference of Marcellus Shale big wigs, and their paid-off polititians – oops, I meant their paid consultants. (Corbett cancelled b/c of the floods)
One of the biggest wigs – Chesapeake CEO Aubry Pinkerton – was so offensive towards Pennsylvanians that Governor Rendell had to stand up for us. A close acquaintance of CHC’s in the industry rolled his eyes in embarrassment when I mentioned Chesapeak’s drilling record.
We’ll be seeing this discussion happen again soon, lots of legislation is expected when folks get back to Harrisburg in a couple weeks. I wonder if they’ll still go on about how fracking will solve our and energy insecurity, now that we’re planning to export natural gas.
New York State will also be figureing out how to frack – they’ve just released a renewed Environmental Impact Statement – it’s pretty good! We could learn a lot from it.
And lastly, fracking for books?

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