The Fracking News – Trust and a Handshake

The Fracking News
CHC was in the news again this week, both in the Indiana Gazette, and the Blairsville Dispatch. Do you have more to say about the YC decision? Let me know! Better yet, write a Letter to the Editor!

Unfortunately, it’s not just Indiana County where fracking is happening despite public outcryPipelines are a major issue for folks too.   

Speaking of cumulative impacts, Arkansas and Colorado are both a couple years ahead of Pennsylvania in terms of rapid development of oil and gas drilling – and they’re impacted. They’ve seen a lot more spills in recent years – 7 spills every 5 days, and litigation over very serious health effects on children.

Ross Pifer from PennState gave a very accessible webinar yesterday on legal issues surrounding Marcellus Shale. He said that since there’s not been many court cases testing these new laws regulating fracking, that we’re likely to see additional ordinance challenges. 

Are you new to the CHC list? Here’s an in depth article from a Philly paper that’s a up to date overview of the issues around fracking. You should also remember that the industry thinks we’re making things up

NPR did a great story this week on whether or not we should go “drill baby drill” in the state forests as some in the Corbett administration suggest.  (spoiler alert, Corbett’s guy is wrong

The good news is that despite all the flooding in the NE Cabot Oil and Gas claims their operations are doing okay, and some have even given the industry an A for weathering the floods….(nothing to see here, move along…..)

The Keystone XL pipeline is a terrible idea. Just ask the Dali Lama. Or, read the opinions of these experts

And lastly, these two stories don’t relate to fracking directly, but they are awesome: One from Germanythe other from Japan. Why aren’t these innovative ideas coming from the U.S.?

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