The Fracking News – Little Industrial Plants

Our good friend Brian Cope represented himself, as a 4th generation Indiana county resident, and the CHC at an EPA hearing last week on proposed regulations of air pollution from the fracking industry. According to Brian, he was moved by the testimony from other Pennsylvanians suffering from a variety of illnesses that they link to the industry.  Last week, two other hearings featured similar stories in Arlington, TX, and in Denver, CO.

The cumulative impact of this industry on people’s health is emerging but the science is still lagging. The only news I’ve read recently to improve that lack of information is a 500 person study by a non-profit out of Scranton.

For some folks in British Columbia that have dealt with fracking for a while, though, they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. They’re not the only Canadians worried about fracking.

This NPR story discusses the difficulty in making the direct correlation between health problems, and fracking. Seems like the burden of proof should be on the drillers, not residents.

In news of the don’t-want-to-be fracked, Forest Hills will be voting on  a ban on fracking.  They’re the latest in a long list of communities that have worked with the folks at the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund to pass civil rights ordinances which effectively ban fracking. Read more about the process on their new how-to handout.

In news of about-to-be fracked, folks in Ohio that are just beginning to be see wells into the Utica shale, and they’re concerned, and not just about all of PA’s frack fluid.

In news of the already fracked,  Williamsport in Lycoming County has gotten much attention these days as a community that “got it right” in terms of using zoning to restrict, and in some places banned drilling, and still have economic growth.  This is the same Lycoming County that was a guest at the last planning commission meeting (read above).

However, not everyone agrees that all is well with wells in Williamsport, particularly this well worker whistle blower. who says this:

…there are literally thousands of instances of contamination that don’t get factored into the equation because the industry simply covers them up or pays off people by providing them water with a nondisclosure provision.

Governor Corbet is set to release details on his recommendations for Marcellus drilling on Monday. Despite another poll showing 2 to 1 support for a severance tax, he’s expected to endorse an impact fee, instead. This will be important, an impact fee is expected to move through the legislature in October – stay tuned for more details.

And lastly, our good friends at PennFuture have launched a new campaign to oppose drilling in state parks. Seems like a great idea to me. PennFuture is among CHC’s strongest partners and support what we’re fighting for.

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