CHC Action Alert!


Click here to see video taken Tuesday morning of the Yellow Creek well site. This is the drilling phase, expected to last through this week. Go check it out yourself just off of Ray Road on the way to the north shore of the park, and if you do, send pics – then imagine multiplying this by 40.  

Following the drilling a flare tower will be installed, and water trucks will also begin to arrive; about 200 trucks driving from Kittaning. It will likely be spring before the fracking is completed. (CORRECTION: the flare tower is already installed, and will be removed with the drilling rig.)

TAKE ACTION!!Thcounty commissioners have the ultimate decision in whether or not to allow further drilling in the conservation zone. They are elected officials who are accountable to you. Call them up! Tell them that gas drilling and strip mining should be prohibited in the conservation zone.  (724) 465-3805
Or, tell them in person! The next public meeting of the county commissioners, is Wednesday, Oct. 12 @ 10:30am at the County Courthouse. They’d love to see you!

Want to know more about what you see and hear in this video?
Come to the Visual Assessment Training co-sponsored by CHC, the IUP ECO club, and delivered by the Mountain Watershed Association. 

Visual Assessment Training 

Marcellus Citizens Stewardship Project

Mountain Watershed Association

October 17, 6-9pm

IUP Hadley Union Building (“The Hub”)

319 Pratt Drive

Indiana, PA 15705

Monongahela Room

This event is designed to educate as many Indiana County residents as possible on Marcellus shale drilling. The Marcellus Citizen Stewardship Project is a Mountain Watershed Association initiative in conjunction with Three Rivers Waterkeeper, GASP Pittsburgh, Clean Water Action, PennEnvironment and the Fayette County Conservation District. This project provides citizens with tools and knowledge to responsibly monitor Marcellus shale development to aid in community and environmental protection.

Check them out, there’s more info on the website, and a flier is found here – this event is open to all Indiana county residents. Please help advertise this event! RSVP here , 724-910-0680, on Facebook, or via email (, or click here to do it online!

2 Responses to “CHC Action Alert!”
  1. Mike Knapp says:

    Just to correct a few points, the flare stack is already installed and will be leaving when the drill rig leaves. It was installed to benefit the residents of Ray Road by flaring the tiny amount (if any) of gas we would normally vent during the drilling phase. This is better for the environment and would eliminate any chance of residents temporarily experiencing any foul odors. In all likelihood it will not even need to be used. This was a significant expense incurred by MDS to try to be a good neighbor, one that the residents would not even have known about it had they not been informed about it when talking to the county. If you don’t want to appreciate the gesture that’s fine, but please don’t erroneously add it to the list of inconveniences.

    Also, if you want to ponder whether 40 wells have an impact, I think it would be more accurate to look at what the site will look like for the VAST majority of its lifespan, which is in its reclaimed state. THIS is what the Ray well site will look like for the next 50+ years:

    • The choice between flaring or venting is sort of a false one coming from the perspective that there shouldn’t be drilling there at all. Both have risks that are greater than not doing either, which is what we believe the intent of the conservation zone is. Are you following the EPA’s proposed regulations?

      Good to know there won’t be flaring btwn the drilling and the fracking in the spring time.

      As we’ve said before, we believe the cumulative impact of drilling 40 wells will compromise the aesthetic value of the park, and pose a risk to the environmental or public safety of the park.. In the short term, the next several years when we’d assume the drilling would take place, the odds of an accident are multiplied by 40, the odds of poor drilling, or cement failures are multiplied by 40. Not to mention the near constant sound of drilling or fracking that will be heard across Yellow Creek for years to come. 40 wells x 200 trucks driving in and out of various parts of the park. And 40 wells is an underestimate, since that’s just the plans for one company, on about 1/2 the conservation zone. That doesn’t include EQT’s plans.

      And then there are the unanticipated environmental and health impacts that we haven’t even been able to track yet. Dr. Bernard Goldstein, Director of the Center for Health Enironments and Communities @ PITT said regarding Marcellus drilling, “We can be certain that unforeseen threats to human health will be detected.”

      The massive uncertainty in this industry is reason enough to ban Marcellus fracking completely, or at least do as NY did, which is take their time to do the research.

      Those pics are lovely fields, I just wish I could forget that underneath there’s an enormous concrete block that’s eternally drying out, and holding back thousands of gallons of possibly radioactive toxic waste fluid.

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