The Fracking News – Special Edition: The Face of Fracking

The Fracking News – Special Edition

Drilling continuesthrough this week at the Yellow Creek well site. Want to know more about what you see and hear in this video? Come to the Visual Assessment Training delivered by the Mountain Watershed Association, Oct. 17, 6-9pm @ IUP Hub. Click here for more details,or check out the facebook event)

Governor Corbett released details of his proposed impact fee for Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennslyvania – and almost nobody likes it.  CHC partners PennFuture and PennEnvironment said the plan was “neither fair nor comprehensive, and is full of giveaways to the drillers.” and that the proposal “does not go nearly far enough to protet the environment from the deleterious effects of Marcellus Shale gas extraction”  Most environmental groups had similar critisism, and supported a tax on drilling instead.  Even folks in the industry are against it.

Some counties support the idea because 75% of Corbett’s impact fee goes straight to the county governments. However, the fee is structured such that only counties with drilling receive anything, creating the potential for border conflicts. I haven’t heard reaction from our own county commissioners.

Are there cumulative health effects from the fracking industry?  A family in Arkansas sure thinks so, particularly for kids.

In the news of unexpected consequences from drilling, flood victims who lost their homes in northern PA counties are finding the rental market flooded, and inflated by Marcellus drillers (I thought these were local jobs?). Also, as hunters should do extra scouting in advance of the season to make sure their favourite spot hasn’t gotten flooded, or fracked.

2 Responses to “The Fracking News – Special Edition: The Face of Fracking”
  1. Jim Ray says:

    This will all be done by this week end and most of the equipment moved out. All going well as expected and explained at the various planning and zoning meetings. By spring this will only be a memory.
    Jim Ray, land owner.

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