CHC Update – Planning Commission Recs this week!

Greetings friends,

Last week the Planning Commission met behind closed doors to make a final decision on recommendations to protect the conservation zone.  October 12 is their deadline – come hear what they have to say at the commissioner’s meeting, Wednesday, 10/12, 10:30am Commissioner’s hearing room.
In the meantime – CALL THE COMMISSIONERS – this is an important week for them to hear from you.  Go out to Ray Road, check out the “clean well site” and then imagine 40 of them surrounding the park.
I’ve heard Park Manager Ken Bisbee say that one of his favorite aspects of Yellow Creek Park is that from anywhere on the lake, you feel like your on the lake. Months upon months of drilling, truck traffic, and the ever-present threat of spillage of hazardous chemicals, or massive blow-out will certainly affect the aesthetic beauty of the lake.
Call the Commissioner’s today: (724) 465-3805

Upcoming Events:
Do you want to prevent pollution from Marcellus Shale Development in your community?
Come to the Visual Assessment Training presented by the Mountain Watershed Association
Monday, October 17, 2011 6-9pm
IUP Hadley Union Building (“The Hub”)
Monongahela Room
For questions, contact Veronica @ 724-455-4200 or

RSVP with me, 724-910-0690, or on Facebook

October 13 – 15
Heinz Regional History Center
Pittsburgh, PA
Register today – it’s going to be great!
3 Responses to “CHC Update – Planning Commission Recs this week!”
  1. Ashley J. says:

    Is anyone going to the Commissioner’s Meeting who would be able to give me a ride from campus? 🙂 Thanks.

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