The Fracking News – The Fracking 1%

The Fracking News

The drilling @ Yellow Creek continues – have you imagined multiplying this by 40 yet?

Many folks in CHC have gotten involved in the Occupy movement – and are encouraged by the activism seen from IUP students (as read about here in the Huffington Post).  CHC presented a few of The Fracking 1% at today’s action @ the Oak Grove. Here are three ridiculous headlines from some these folks: Royal Dutch ShellChesapeake, and Exxon Mobil.

Speaking of action – community members came out this weekend in Butler county to protest a well going in on the Marburger Dairy farmHere’s a photo of the protest from CHC and Sierra Club volunteer from Homer City, Matt Vore.

As we’ve covered here before, there’s plenty of reason for concern about fracking. A group of 250 New York doctors, nurses and environmentalists have suggested health impacts be studied further before fracking is allowed in that state. One empire state physics professor has suggested that Marcellus shale fracking could result in high levels of Radium, Radon, and Lead in homes.  Meanwhile, closer to home, PA doctors have now thought it’s a good idea to do some study.

The Academy of National Sciences have launched a study on the effects of drilling density on the ecosystem. Preliminary results could be filed under News of the Obvious: Researchers…found higher levels of water pollutants in areas of high density drilling.  Final results will be available in 2012 – after thousands of wells are dug. How is this helpful?

Speaking of toxic waste fluid – Ohio continues to pump it deep into their underground wells. Apparently no one has reminded Ohio that that is the process that causes earthquakes – both in Ohio, and in Arkansas. Folks in Texas are having problems with frack fluid too – except for them the stuff is exploding. They must be doing it wrong, Pennsylvanians drink frack fluid.

Seriously, does anyone like Corbett’s impact fee? It would be among the lowest in the nation, the way the counties would decide on fees would leave some affected folks left out, and it’s environmental regulations are inadequateWe’ve seen this tactic before from this governor….

The Gazette covered a story about how the influx of Marcellus shale has been a boon to the real estate market, however, they missed half the story about drilling tanking property values.

And lastly a win for some friends of CHC, the citizens of Peters Township will have a chance to decide for themselves whether fracking will be the new neighbours, and will vote on a drilling ban in the up coming election. How did they do it? Through the power of community organizing!


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