CHC Update – DEP to dump frackwater on roads

Our next CHC Steering Committee is set for:

Wednesday, November 2, 8pm

103 S. 5th Street

As usual, these meetings are open to anyone concerned about fracking in Indiana County. We’re at another turning point in this campaign, and could always use more heads in the room.  Let me know if you’re coming so we can make sure we’ve got enough chairs and cookies – yes, there will be cookies 🙂
If you can’t make it, but have thought about what CHC should be doing – email me!
Draft Agenda:
Review campaign status – including timeline
Next campaign phase  – increased outreach
Task Force update
Update on Sierra Club coal campaign
DEP to use natural gas well brine as de-icer – Comments Needed asap!!
DEP is proposing an amendment to its residual waste permit that directly impacts the environment, and has grown out of the gas drilling industry.
This is a terrible idea.

The amendment, under Permit # WMGR064, which governs the use of residual waste, is proposing the authorization of the use of natural gas well brine for roadway pre-wetting, anti-icing, and roadway de-icing. DEP is also proposing a renewal of Permit WMGR065 and make major modications to the permit to authorize the use of well brine for dust suppressant and stabilizer for unpaved secondary roadways.

DEP is accepting public comment concerning these proposals. We’d like to draft comments on behalf of CHC – please contact me asap if you have concerns and/or expertise. Concerned citizens may submit comments to Scott Walters, Chief, General Permits, Div of Municipal and Residual Waste, Bureau of Waste Management, PO Box 8472, Harrisburg, PA 17105.  Comments may recommend revisions to and approval or denial of the proposed amendment and renewal.  Comments are due by Nov 16th 2011.
The industry will tell you that the brine is similar to road salt that we already apply in winter. There is truth to this, it’s very salty water. However, this disregards at least two important facts – 1. the potential radioactive elements brought up from the Marcellus shale, and 2.  the problems associated with  of normal road salt (there is no shortage of work for the Coalition for a Healthy County).
PennFuture to speak at Task Force meeting

Thursday, 10/27, 3:30pm

PennFuture’s vice-president, Heather Sage will be the featured speaker at the next task force meeting. She’ll review legislative priorities around regulation of fracking, and introduce a better use for the Oil and Gas fund.

Check out all of CHC’s upcoming events on our Calendar!


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