Fracking Zombies!!

Two great letters in support of CHC’s campaign to end drilling nearby the county’s natural areas. The first from Yellow Creek Conservation Association member, Dan Perlongo. The second is from PennFuture’s vice president, Heather Sage on why saving PA’s state parks is important, and why CHC’s campaign is essential.

And there’s another great letter in the Hawk Eye this week about why Rep. Reed should be supporting a decent severance tax.  Do you agree? Send Rep. Reed a note! 

Senate Bill 1100 passed out of Senate committee this week that included a number of good updates to the Oil and Gas Act. Two big problems:1. It’s missing an impact fee, 2. It includes language that could limit Indiana’s ability to protect our county.   Take Action Now to weigh in on these significant problems.

Despite the fact that Pennsylvanians support a severance tax 2:1, House Republicans introduced their version of what they’re not calling a tax. So much for polling. Their proposal looks much like Corbett’s impact fee.

An interesting thing happened this month in response to Governor Corbet’s impact fee – which authorizes county a considerable amount of resources, and responsibility for assessing and collecting fee per well.  At first, the County Commissioner’s Association were unsure for a number of reasons, and then, a week or so later, they decided they liked it.  According to commissioner Ruddock, the change of heart came after a “spanking” from Lt. Gov. Crawly, when commissioner’s raised concerns. One concern was that they were not consulted before the proposal was released. So, they weren’t consulted, didn’t like some aspects, and then were yelled at for disagreeing – and they eventually acquiesced.

And lastly, the Fracking News of the wacky is brought to you by the Fracking 1% and Zombies:

Business is booming for Consul Energy, which doubled it’s third quarter profits bouyed not only from natural gas, but also coal.  Thanks guys, for making sure you cash in on gas, while you keep mining for coal.  EQT nearly quadrupled their profits from this time last year.

What is the 1% doing with all this cash? Suing eachother for more cash!  Billionaire CEO of Chesapeak Aubrey McClendon is being sued by another billionaire gas fellow in Michigan, for screwing around with leases.

I’m pretty sure these two stories are related: “Towns See Crime, Carousing Surge Amid Gas Boom,” and “Tunkhannock man charged in frackwater-drinking incident.”

Now for the Zombies – the cold kept most of the Zombie Hoard frozen, but a dedicated crew of ECO and friends made a big splash at the Coal Bowl reception on Saturday. Nice work folks!!


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