CHC Update – Volunteers needed ASAP!!

Tuesday, Nov. 8 CHC Petition Drive – Volunteers needed!
Nov. 8 is election day, and a unique opportunity for CHC to build support for a prohibition of deep shale drilling in the conservation zones through a petition drive at polling stations. We’re looking for volunteers that would be willing to spend a couple hours at Indiana County polling places, talking with voters on their way out of the polls and asking them to sign our petition to the planning commission asking them to recommend a prohibition of deep gas drilling from the park.
Please let me know ASAP if you have time this Tuesday to help out. 724-910-0690
We’ll deliver our signatures at the next planning commission meeting, on Wednesday, 11/9 @ 7:30pm.

The Special Recreation and Conservation Zones that surround Indiana County parks comprise three percent of the county’s total area, yet they protect the aesthetic beauty and health of natural areas like Yellow Creek State Park Blue Spruce, Pine Ridge, and Hemlock Lake County parts that are enjoyed by over 300,000 visitors from across the state each year.

Modern natural gas extraction has the potential to bring revenue to the state, however, the industry comes with risks to the environment, and public health.  It is the county’s responsibility to offer specific protections to important resources such as these parks.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Indiana County Planning Commissioner recommend a prohibition of deep gas drilling in the conservation zones.

Rep Reed meeting report back
Thanks to Ashley, Ken, Brian and Tiffany for joining our meeting with Rep. Reed on Thursday. Reed agreed with almost everything we said: the stripping of municipal powers is a bad idea, the House and Corbett’s impact fee is too small, and environmental regulations are important. We asked him why he co-sponsored HB1950, which would pull the rug out from under our county’s progress in protecting the conservation zones, has a paltry impact fee, and inadequate environmental regulations.

The response had to do with the complicated legislative process, the inability of Harrisburg to come to agreement, and Corbett’s insistance on drill baby drill.  I stopped listening after a while, because all I could think about was that we don’t have a drilling problem, we have a democracy problem.  The Gazette covered the meeting pretty well, others may have extra to add.  

Another important reason why we questioned Reed’s support for HB 1950, it would also allow companies to purchase permits from DEP.

The League of Women Voters will reportedly be meeting with Reed this Wednesday.

Important Upcoming Events:
November 9, 12noon – 2pm
Dr. Bernard Goldstein, Center for Heathy Environtments and Communities
Indiana County Natural Gas Task Force Special Guest
Kovalcheck Center

November 9, 7:30pm
Planning Commission Public Meeting
827 Water St. 1st. Floor Conference Room
The planning commission will be voting on their recommendations to the commissioners. CHC will deliver petitions gathered on election day.

November 16, 10:30am
County Commissioner’s Public Meeting
County Courthouse, 2nd floor conference room
The planning commission will be delivering their recommendations to the commissioners.  They’ll have 60 days to review, including a public hearing.

See CHC’s Calendar for more events.


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