The Fracking News – The cost of business? $747million

The Fracking News
Negotiations between the House and Senate bills will be occurring in the coming weeks. They’re both stinky bills, but Reed’s House bill is slightly stinkier.  PennFuture has additional analysis.  Even the Post-Gazette has an opinion on the two bills.
Lots of local electeds are also pushing back against these two bills.  If you’re a local administrator, and oppose efforts severely limit local zoning authority, now is the time to voice your opinion.
How much does this industry-sweet legislation cost? About $747 million over 10 years. Check page 21 of this report from Common Cause, Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets, In Congress and Pennsylvania, which shows local data –  the table copied at the bottom of this email shows top recipients of oil and gas campaign contributions by the PA legislature. Guess who’s at the top of the list?
The Corbett administration has given Cabot a pass on water deliveries to families in Dimock who’s water was spoiled through methane contamination resulting from poor drilling practices. In response, organizations like the Sierra Club are rallying to help the families in Dimock, and are chipping in to donate water buffaloes. Check the facebook page here to get involved, or to make a donation.

As we know, this fracking process generates a tremendous amount of waste fluid. It shouldn’t be surprising, then  when people take the easy way out.  This is certainly not the first instance of illegal dumping of frack waste, both the big guys, and the little guys are guilty. I wonder how many aren’t getting caught?
Pavillion, Wyoming – back in 2005 Louis Meeks knew his water went bad after they started deep shale fracking near his house. Despite the driller’s continual denial of responsibility, the EPA recently found that Meeks was right, fracking fluids had spoiled his water.  The driller, Encana, maintains it wasn’t them, but the EPA findings were enough to cancel their $45 million dollar land deal to sell the Pavillion gas wells to another driller.
Folks in West Virginia also have experienced contaminated water. They call this place ground zero for fracking.
And academics from our neighbours to the North have called for a moratorium of fracking. According to folks in New Brunswick, we just don’t know enough.
Despite the fact that most frackwater gets sent to Ohio these days, and soon PA,drilling salts are still showing up in PA rivers.
As thousands of leases get signed across the state (Consul recently cooed that they already own 138 square miles of drilling rights in Indiana County, plus a lot of the coal mines), the New York Times has an investigative piece about making sure landowners get the best lease. The story features Yellow Creek landman Mike Knapp from Knapp Acquisitions.
But, lets end on a high note, okay?  I like wind energy, it’s much easier to see that as a good step. And fortunately, some local companies are doing pretty well in that energy sector, including locally owned turbine manufacturer, Gamesa; they just produced their 1000th turbine.

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