The Fracking News – Shaking Things Up!!

The Fracking News
The PA Legislature should be getting back to work on figuring out updates to the Oil and Gas Act. There’s still a lot of work to be done.   The new year has not improved what we’re expecting, so, The Sierra Club, and PennFuture have echoed CHC’s request that the legislature make a clean start and get it right this time.
Do you live near Yellow Creek State Park? Then meet your new state Representative: Dave Reed.  State re-districting last year placed Brush Valley, and Cherry Hill townships into district 62,  Why not give him a call, shoot him an email, and Facebook him?
Phone:  (724) 465-0220
  • Ask him to withdraw support from proposed legislation that would block Indiana County from protecting our parks. 
  • Ask him to oppose any changes or additional limitations on municipal zoning power.  
Many of you sent me the latest seismic incidents in Youngstown, OH, where they’ve suspending the dumping of waste water because of a 4.0 earthquake thought to be triggered by the deep well injection.  Anyone who tells you that earthquakes, deep injection wells, and fracking aren’t related isn’t being honest.  Here a few other notable occurrences:
The industry has yet remained pretty quiet on the issue, aside from making the clarification that it’s not the fracking that’s causing the quakes, but the dumping of frack water (that’s sort of like saying it’s not the fall that kills you, but the sudden stop at the end).  At least one industry representative has suggested that the additional seismic activity caused by the lubrication of fault lines from the toxic frack fluid could actually be helpful for places like California. (no kidding!!)

In accident news:  
Question:  If I spill over 2,000 gallons of oil-based mud and diesel fuel into the waters of the Commonwealth, how can I avoid going to jail?

And lastly today, the new air quality regulations announced last week by the EPA are already having significant impact.  Several old dirty powerplants now have plans to switch to gas.  What will happen to power plants closer to home? Stay tuned to the Beyond Coal in Homer City blog found here to find out.  

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