The Fracking News – Organize, Educate, Agitate

Organize, Educate, and Agitate
As you know by now, the county has done the right thing, and sent the recommendations for drilling in the conservation zone back to the planning commission. The Gazette has a good summary here, and a quote from CHC.  The planning commission will take up the recommendations again on Feb. 8.

Also, last week, CHC joined PennFuture to welcome PA Rep. Dave Levdansky to an informative discussion on Marcellus development. We don’t have any press for the event, but the feedback I got was that the best part of the evening was when Levdansky responded to the question of why PA has so far failed to “get it right” on Marcellus drilling.  His response was lengthy and impassioned, and summed it up with the fact that “we have the best democracy money can by.”  Levdansky was a multiple term legislator in Somerset county, and saw the direct consequence of the Citizens United Supreme Court case. He advised that the best way to fight back against such dollar power was to Organize, Educate, and Agitate.

State Legislation
Speaking of getting it right, the state should start over on Marcellus legislation. That’s the message delivered to the PA legislature by our state partners including PennEnvironment, the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and the League of Women Voters at a rally in Harrisburg yesterday.  PennFuture makes the point that these bills are setting our state up to repeat history “Throughout this history, Pennsylvania’s taxpayers and communities are left holding the bag for cleaning up after these industries have exploited all of our resources they can.”  

Well, the cat’s out of the bag on this one. We’re already repeating historyagain and destroying our environment. The industry is already shirking responsibility.  How many more accidents does it take? Fines are clearly not enough, and even though Ohio has stopped giving out injection well permits because of the seismic activity they’ve been shown to cause, PA is now looking at hosting more injection wells. Oh, and of course, earthquakes.

Super, right? No, Super-fracking.  It’s just as bad as it sounds

Fracking Science?

The lack of research on the public heath effects of fracking also concerned a group of doctors in New Yorkwhose request for a moritorium until further research has gone largely ignored.

The cynical response is that the industry is silencing any of this research. Is that a crazy conspiracy theory? Then

what’s with the massive cuts cuts in actual science that PA is doing on Marcellus, and what’s with Corbett illegally firing a citizen advisor to the DCNR?

Jeff Schmitt, Sierra Club’s legislative guru and friend of CHC is pulling no punches, and has this quote from a press release:  

It is clear that the Corbett administration’s political goals to promote gas drilling trump their claim to support sound science. In fact, the inconvenient reality is that while gas drilling is ruining drinking water supplies and wildlife habitat, the Corbett administration engages in a cover up of the true impacts.

Youngstown Ohio think’s they’re getting it. But there’s also this mysterious land clearing happening in Beaver County.  Where ever it lands, it will likely create a lot of jobs, and it will most definitely help to make more plastic. Isn’t awesome that this natural gas boom will help to create more plastic?

Big Wins!!
Speaking of steps in the right direction (seriously this time) the Obama administration has announced it will deny the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline which was to bring precious liquid black gold from the tar sands in Canada to the Gulf.  This is a huge win for anyone who’s concerned about our addition to oil (foreign and domestic).  Many of you on this list took some sort of action to oppose this – so Congratulations!!  

Some of the folks in Dimmock will, afterall, be getting some help to replace the water that Cabot ruined.

The last straw


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