Earth Day Action Alert!!

Earth Day Action Alert!!
Sunday is Earth Day, and here in Indiana our partners the IUP ECO club will be celebrating on Friday, 4/20 at the Oak Grove from 10am-2pm. Come out and check out music, sustainability projects, student and local green organizations, and an overall good time!
But most of all – Take action to support your earth!!
Call the Indiana County Commissioners – ask them again, Protect Our Parks!!

Commissioner Ruddock, Evanko, and Frick

The recent state legislation threatens to strip local government’s authority, and to remove protections from the many hazards accompanying the rush to drill for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. Indiana County’s Board of Commissioners need to act now to ensure that we balance these risks with potential benefits.

Call them this week! 
Commissioner Ruddock, Evanko, and Frick
The removal of local authority should resonate with folks of all political persuasion here in Southwest PA, and that’s exactly what Act 13 does.  The Commissioners need to act now, and act boldly against our industry influenced state legislation:
Demand that the Indiana County Board of Commissioners stand up for local government, and recommend gas and oil drilling operations prohibited within at least 1000feet of park boundaries.

If you make the call, drop me a line, or post here on our website and let folks know what they say!

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