Cap and Continue

The company running the Marcellus Well at Yellow Creek have decided to declare it inactive, and reclaim the site i.e. cover it with dirt, seed, and mulch it. According to company spokesperson, the decision had to do with a fault encountered at about 7,800ft. They’ll re-evaluate when more subsurface data is available. That decision also had to do with the price of gas.
Despite the fact that there’s been much less drilling these days, our state continues to feel the effects of being a zone of sacrifice, with new problems arising like geysers, literally geysers of water and methane.  But sometimes, just plumes of methane. Other times it’s just getting the fracking water that’s a problem, especially for these folks who were evicted by a water company.  And there continues to be mounting health concerns.
At least one of the folks pushing this great Marcellus land grab has been capped. Billionaire Aubrey McClendon has gotten the boot from Chesapeake Gas after it was disclosed he was loaning money to himself. Not to be outdone in the outrageous behavior category, fellow one percenter and Exxon Mobile CEO, Rex Tillerson recently gave a speech where he reiterated his doubts about climate change. and called you dumb.
Speaking of fairy tales, Pennsylvanians continue to wait in mystery for the arrival of the Great Cracker. However, there’s now  word that it’s greatness may have been over – exaggerated.
You may have seen CHC’s partners PennEnvironment in Indiana this past month. Erika Staaf was here updating folks on their priorities for improving on Act 13 – smart ideas like cradle to grave tracking of frackwater. CHC depends on statewide partners like PE to keep us up to date on pressing issues in Harrisburg.
This info will continue to be helpful. Even though state legislation has been passed, the PR campaign to green-ify gas will continue.  It turns out that the same advertising company that used to tell us that smoking wasn’t bad for us is now working for the gas industry and telling us that fracking is safe. Josh Fox thinks it’s like telling us the sky is pink in his new video.

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