CHC Update – Surveys coming – Winter Meeting

Greetings friends!

I hope this finds you well.
Yellow Creek Conservation Zone Ordinance Update
The county continues to wait for a decision from the state Supreme Court as to whether or not Act 13 is constitutional. The hearing is scheduled for October 17. If the zoning provisions are declared unconstitutional, then our county will be free to prohibit drilling in the conservation zones that surround Yellow Creek State Park, Blue Spruce Park, Hemlock Lake Park, and Pine Ridge.
This decision is expected in this month – we’ll need all CHC supporters to urge the county commissioners to make permanent the current voluntary moratorium on drilling in these conservation zones.
In the meantime, there are no reports of any drilling activity in the Conservation Zones. This aerial photo from last month shows it’s current status.
CHC and the Appalachian Teaching Project
In a relatively short time, CHC has built a grassroots organization that has helped to shape the dialogue surrounding gas drilling in our county. The successes of our organization have been dependent on the support of people like you who have either signed onto one or more petitions to the county to protect Yellow Creek, and/or have signed up to be on our mailing list online or in person, and/or have taken one or more action to protect Yellow Creek and the conservation zones. We are now taking steps to pull together a future plan and structure.
To help shape our agenda going forward, we have the opportunity to survey you.  CHC is partnering with the Appalacian Teaching Project to survey our supporters – if you’re reading this, that’s you 🙂    Through the Appalachian Teaching Projects, these undergraduates  will be conducting a survey via email, phone, and US Post.
The survey will focus on sustainability, and what you think that means for Indiana County and/or the region.  The results of this survey will be presented onDECEMBER 6, CHC’s FIRST ANNUAL MEETING. We’re hoping all supporters can come to hear a collection of perspectives, and can help build our long-term agenda.
But in the meantime, you’ll be hearing from one of these undergraduate students over the next month. I understand folks are busy, but I hope you’ll take the time to complete the survey.
December 6, 2012
Coalition for a Healthy County’s 1st Annual Meeting
This will be our coalition’s first gathering of all supporters. We’ll use the time to discuss and form a long-term agenda for our coalition. Stay tuned for details for how you can get involved. Have an idea for what CHC could be? Let me know!!

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