The Fracking News: Holiday Action!

Take Action NOW!! The state has ruled our county can prohibit fracking at Yellow Creek. Our County Commissioners have already instituted a voluntary moratorium on drilling at Yellow Creek. It’s time to make it permanent! We’re launching a new petition to renew our calls to protect our county’s natural areas. Please sign, or renew your petition today!!
The timing on the county’s decision is dependent on activity at the state level regarding Act 13. As soon as the Supreme Court sends it’s decision on zoning pre-emptions for local government, the county will again take up the ordinance regulating the conservation zones surrounding Yellow Creek, Blue Spruce, Hemlock Lake, and Pine Ridge. While many analysts agree that the Supreme Court will rule in our favor, staying the lower court’s decision to throw out the zoning pre-emptions, it still may not be the end of the story. Some in Harrisburg have suggested a legislative work-around, while others are suggesting a whole new bill. The Fracking News will continue to keep you updated.
In the meantime, lets make sure our County Commissioners know we support their decision for a moratorium on drilling in the conservation zones. Sign, or renew your petition today!!  Also – check our website for the latest campaign update.
Speaking of crackers and chemicals, the gas industry is suggesting that they could use brownfields for…. “Just one word. Are you listening?  Plastics.”  According to industry spokeswoman Kathryn Klabor, the fields are ideal for development of shale gasses like propane and ethane because of their proximity to transportation networks. Can you think of better uses for brownfields than making plastic? These guys can, so can these folks, and these folks too. I bet you can too – let me know!
The gas industry is also interested in moving toxic frackwater on river barges across Pennsylvania’s rivers. The folks at Mountain watershedare worried about it, and are releasing a new documentary covering threats to drilling around Pennsylvania’s own triple continental divide.
Fracking is making inroads into sustainability at IUP as well. The Geoscience, Geography and Safety Sciences departments have announced a shale gas conference from the Sustainable Energy team.
In fact, Frack-U may be coming to IUP. That seems to be what our own elected officials are interested in. If they end up fracking Whites Woods or College Farm, we can forget about re-starting the old organic farm.  IUP E.C.O club wants to try and figure out what’s going on. They meet Monday nights.  Help them out here.
A bit about pipelines. One exploded in dramatic fashion this month in West Virginia – here’s an update on pipelines in our own state.  Where’s it all going? Well there’s now a debate on how much natural gas to export. They’ll have to make it past this guy first!

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