The Fracking News – 3/29 @ the Indiana Theater

Since the last edition of The Fracking News, Matt Daemon has risen and fallen as the latest hollywood star taking on fracking…but do you want a real film about what’s really going on in Pennsyvania?  Try Triple Divide on Friday, 3/29 @ 7:30pm at the Downtown Indiana Theater. $5.00 suggested donation. Read here for more information on the New Economy Film Series
Triple Divide takes on the DEP’s handling of oversight of drilling. Folks I know at the DEP are good people, but they are way understaffed and moral is low. Over the last couple months the DEP has been sharply critisized for their water quality reporting. Secretary Krancer isn’t helping matters – fumbling to accept climate change as real.
Decent idea, Bad Legislation – the state legislature is proposing a bill to encourage use of mine drainage water for frack fluid. Decent idea – but this bill (SB411) is so riddled with accountability loopholes it needs to be stopped.  Spread the word: No Immunity For Frackers
Bad Legislation, Horrible lobbyist – there is this crazy bill out, HB683, that would make it illegal to take pictures of gas operations from public roads. This is being promoted by the corporate bill mill, ALEC. ALEC has binders full of crap legislation lobbied for in state houses across the country. Read here about ALEC’s top 5 anti-environment laws they’re promoting. They also suggested PA’s voter ID bill.
Companies are increasingly recycling their waste water from fracking. Halliburton claims to have saved nearly a half million dollars by recycling. However, turns out no one’s watching the recyclers!!
There is some real good news, this winter, the statehouse passed legislation that will improve air pollution from compressor plants. Also, drillers are finally starting to convert their diesel drill rigs to natural gas drill rigs.
And there is good news overall about jobs and the shale boom – in regions where there’s drilling, the economy is robust. In some cases, the shale boom is even driving down unemployment, but, not in the Keystone state.
Of course, the boom manifests in other ways: in some shale boom towns health care is stretched thin with a rush of uninsured workers. And a very interesting connection between the PA Amish community involved in hate-crimes court proceedings and the Marcellus gas that has helped the community pay for legal fees and compensate for jail time.
But never mind the torpedos – everyone wants some shale gas: ChinaTurkeyUkraineGermanySpainRussia and Japan. And apparently we’re more than happy to ship it off via the “Bluegrass Pipeline.” They should get ready for accidentscatastrophic tragedies, and of course more spills.
Lastly tonight, take a look at how the oil and gas industry has affected North Dakota, from space!!

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