Triple Divide – A Fracking Film – 3/29 7:30pm Indiana Theater

Greetings friends!

You are cordially invited to a screening of a new fracking documentary, Triple Divide on Friday, 3/29 @ 7:30pm at the Downtown Indiana Theater. $5.00 suggested donation.

This Pennsylvania made film “takes audiences on a cradle-to-grave journey to uncover how DEP and industry have handled violations within Pennsylvania’s highest classified watersheds, what happened in the 20011 Bradford Count Blowout, water contamination complaints, health issues, and the spilt-estate landowner dispute.”
The Coalition for a Healthy County is co-sponsoring the film, along with the Center for Community Growth. Read more about this 6 month film series here:
Panel to address Indiana County impacts
We are proud to be welcoming the film-makers of Triple Divide, Melissa Troutman and Joshua Pribanic for an intermission panel discussion. They will be joined by one of CHC’s steering committee members, an anthropology graduate student from IUP’s Anthropology Club, and the Evergreen Conservancy. We also hope to welcome the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development. The discussion will reflect on the issues brought up in the film, and provide a local context. We’re also hoping some collaboration can come from the film.  Hope to see you there!!
What Is the Coalition for a Healthy County?
It’s true – we’ve seemed as dormant as the drilling out at Yellow Creek (yeah!) But we’re still around, so Take Action NOW!! The state has ruled our county can prohibit fracking at Yellow Creek. Our County Commissioners have already instituted a voluntary moratorium on drilling at Yellow Creek. It’s time to make it permanent! The Coalition for a Healthy County is launching a new petition to renew our calls to protect our county’s natural areas. Please sign, or renew your petition today!!

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