Green Gas? The Fracking News

The Fracking News There’s a new collaboration between a couple of the largest corporations on the planet, a few Pittsburgh based environmental organizations, and a few wealthy Western PA foundations. The Center for Sustainable Shale Development lays out lists of best practices in shale driling. Good ideas like closed loop systems which reduces or eliminates the … Continue reading

The Fracking News – 3/29 @ the Indiana Theater

THE FRACKING NEWS Since the last edition of The Fracking News, Matt Daemon has risen and fallen as the latest hollywood star taking on fracking…but do you want a real film about what’s really going on in Pennsyvania?  Try Triple Divide on Friday, 3/29 @ 7:30pm at the Downtown Indiana Theater. $5.00 suggested donation. Read here for … Continue reading

The Fracking News: Holiday Action!

THE FRACKING NEWS Take Action NOW!! The state has ruled our county can prohibit fracking at Yellow Creek. Our County Commissioners have already instituted a voluntary moratorium on drilling at Yellow Creek. It’s time to make it permanent! We’re launching a new petition to renew our calls to protect our county’s natural areas. Please sign, … Continue reading

CHC and IUP present Sustainable Indiana – 12/6 @ Downtown Indiana Theater

Greetings friends, CHC’s First Annual Meeting Thursday, December 6, 6pm  637 Philadelphia Street Indiana, PA 15701 You are hereby invited to the Coalition for a Healthy County’s first annual meeting at the historic Downtown Indiana Theater. We’ll have the opportunity to hear about the results of the sustainability research that students with the Appalachian Teaching … Continue reading

Politics Matter

THE FRACKING NEWS As we continue to wait for a decision from the Supreme Court as to whether or not Act 13 is constitutional (October 17 is when it’s scheduled to be heard), it’s worth letting the Indiana County Board of Commissioners know how much we appreciate their moratorium on drilling in the conservation zone. Call them … Continue reading

The Fracking News – Revolutionary Ideas

The Fracking News Indiana County planning staff is taking their show on the road, and presented their first of three public meetings to introduce the County Comprehensive Plan his week.  What isn’t in that plan? A get out of jail free card  to the zoning preemption contained in Act 13. That privilege is apparently reserved to Republican legislators in Bucks and Montgomery County who … Continue reading

Cap and Continue

THE FRACKING NEWS The company running the Marcellus Well at Yellow Creek have decided to declare it inactive, and reclaim the site i.e. cover it with dirt, seed, and mulch it. According to company spokesperson, the decision had to do with a fault encountered at about 7,800ft. They’ll re-evaluate when more subsurface data is available. … Continue reading


The Fracking News Indiana County Commissioners adopted an impact fee for Indiana County last week – the county’s 38 municipalities may share $477,000 in the first year. All Marcellus producing counties, plus 16 w/o Marcellus wells have now enacted a fee. For those who remember the fall, a lot of time was spent by our legislators insisting … Continue reading

Plausible Deniability, or Informed Precaution?

THE FRACKING NEWS Indiana County is among the latest to announce plans to adopt the drilling fee. Initial analysis suggests the county could receive almost $1 million in revenue from the impact fee. Those funds must go to address impact from Marcellus Shale drilling in Indiana county. Got an idea how to spend that? Let me … Continue reading

The Fracking News – Lets Talk Solutions

The Fracking News Act 13, the new state legislation “regulating” gas and oil drilling in Pennsylvania is not getting better with age. In fact, it may be the worst corporate give away in the country.  The Sierra Club has put together a Mythbuster factsheet on what this legislation does, and does not do, with references to the actual legislation. What … Continue reading