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Take Action NOW!! The state has ruled our county can prohibit fracking at Yellow Creek. Our County Commissioners have already instituted a voluntary moratorium on drilling at Yellow Creek. It’s time to make it permanent! The Coalition for a Healthy County is launching a new petition to renew our calls to protect our county’s natural areas. Please sign, or renew your petition today!!

Click here to see video taken Tuesday, 10/4/11 @ 7am of the Yellow Creek well site. Imagine multiplying this by 40.  That’s how many wells just one company, MDS, has planned for the region protecting the state park.


To receive regular updates on the Coalition for a Healthy County, and continuing information on how to get involved, send an email to

Include as the subject heading SIGN ME UP FOR CHC.

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  1. […] “The Fracking News” | from Coalition for a Healthy County March 2, 2012By Editor Zero, Raging ChickenEditor’s Note: “The Fracking News” comes to Raging Chicken Press by way of our new friends from Coalition for a Healthy County. The Coalition for a Healthy County (CHC) is a coalition of concerned citizens and local and state organizations actively engaging in a campaign to maintain the integrity of conservation zones surrounding several natural areas in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. We hope to bring “The Fracking News” to you as a regular feature of Raging Chicken Press. We also would like to urge Raging Chicken Press readers to get involved with the great work being done by CHC. Click here to see how you can get involved! […]

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